Sunday, June 14, 2009


Passion...If it weren't for passion, my zest for speaking on behalf of victims would be nil. Some would consider the fact that I have gone through turmoil in my life; I do also at times. However, as I have said many times, if I had not gone through what I have lived, I would not be able to have the voice I have for thousands of individuals. I feel blessed, yes blessed, to be here today in order to stand tall and proud to say I am a "SURVIVOR".

In working day to day at a Rape Crisis Center helping victims of crime, I sit holding the hands of rape victims (from the youngest age of 18 months to the age of 80 to date), as well as helping the families of the victims. I have also trained volunteers to do the same. I feel this is not enough.

I have spoken to thousands of individuals at conferences, trainings, schools, etc. There such a need to reach out to many more about sexual assault and domestic violence. There are many of wonderful speakers out there nationwide, and I am going to reach out even further.

Won't you please help me reach those that have not been sought? If you belong to a school, law enforcement, church, civic organization, etc., please contact to schedule a booking.

A Sample of Topics Include:

*Healthy Relationships
*Domestic Violence – Why Do
Women Stay?
*Sexual Assault
*Sexual Harassment
*Domestic/Dating Violence 101
*Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
*Sexual Assault on your College Campus